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Vaginal Dryness Symptoms and Treatment During Menopause


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Vaginal dryness in women indicates symptoms that lead to menopause. It can highly affect your daily life and cause severe problems in your sexual life. Mostly women do not report this condition to their gynecologist as they think that it is part and parcel of being a woman but the fact is that there are things that women can take help of if they are suffering from vaginal atrophy or vaginal dryness. In this article let us find out some effective remedial measures you can take to lead a normal and healthy life during menopause.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Mainly this condition is experienced as a side effect of menopause. During menopause vaginal and urinary tissues become thin and shrink considerably due to the reduced levels of estrogen in the body. This thinning of tissues cause many uncomfortable and embarrassing health issues to women.


Due to the reduced levels of estrogen in the body multiple number of tissues lose their natural elasticity specially the ones present in the urinary area. This causes lack of elasticity and low lubrication the vaginal area which can cause extreme discomforting situations like pain during sexual intercourse, inflammation, urinary incontinence, burning and watery vaginal discharge.

All these above conditions clearly point to the health ailment called vaginal atrophy or vaginal dryness which is faced by a majority of women at some point in their life.

How To Treat Vaginal Dryness

A woman can do a lot of things to experience relief from this condition. The most sought after remedy is hormone therapy which involves replacement of estrogen from the ovaries that they are no longer producing in the body. The following can also be used as effective remedial measures for vaginal dryness.

Herbal Vaginal Lubricants

These herbal lubricants for overcoming vagina dryness are highly effective and provide immediate relief. These herbal creams support the normal production of vaginal fluids hence helping the body naturally lubricate the vagina.

Have An Active Sex Life

Women who indulge in regular sexual activities have been found to deal better with vaginal dryness problems as regular sex allows normal flow of blood to vagina area and provide nourishment to vaginal cells. A lot of foreplay and even masturbation can help in keeping the vagina moist.

Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Providing strength to your pelvic floor muscles can effectively help in enhanced sexual life and improved circulation of blood to the vaginal area for normal sexual functioning.

Menopause Supplements


Category : Menopause

To help ease women’s menopausal symptoms, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is sometimes prescribed. In fact, until the year 2002, HRT was routinely used by women to treat menopause-related symptoms.

During Menopause, the ovaries fail to produce the hormones – estrogen and progesterone. HRT contains female hormones that can replace the natural hormones in the body, thus helps relieve menopausal symptoms.

However, there are a few studies that make women wary of the conventional HRT treatment. They are:

Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) – this study claimed that HRT was not safe. Women on HRT suffered more heart attacks and breast cancer than non-HRT users in the study.

The Million Women Study – the UK-Based study confirmed the findings of WHI: women using HRT have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than those not taking HRT.

Medical Journal Maturitas – this research showed that 44% of women quitting HRT continued to experience menopause-related symptoms.

The side effects of HRT can be very unpleasant for some women.

Many are now seeking help in natural supplements to help with their menopausal symptoms. Menopause supplements – HRT alternative remedies, work by alleviating symptoms and balance women’s hormone levels in the natural way.
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If you are considering this natural and holistic method of treatment, it is important to know why they work, and why they fail to deliver in some cases.

Supplements for menopause contain effective herbs that relieve the mental, emotional and physical symptoms related to menopause. Most widely used plants include:

Black cohosh: this is an indigenous North American herb that can reduce premenstrual discomfort, dysmenorrheal and menopause. The World Health Organization recognizes the use of Black cohosh for treatment of climacteric symptoms including hot flashes, sleeping disorders and nervous irritability.

Dong quai: The root of Dong quai plant is believed to be helpful with menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes and menstrual cramps may be reduced or eliminated with Dong quai.

Red Clover: this natural wonder contains isoflavones that produce estrogen-life effects. Red clover is used to treat hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

Wild yam: Wild yam is also a phytoestrogenic herb. It is effective in regulating the female symptom. This is also used to treat infertility.

Chasterberry: Chasteberry is known as the ‘female remedy’. It can help reduce stress and depression.

These effective ingredients have benefited women with a long history. There is scientific and clinically date to support their efficacy.

Menopause and Black Cohosh Benefits


Category : Menopause

Black Cohosh (also called Cimicifuga, black snakeroot, and rattle root among others) is closely related to the buttercup and is an herb with a long history of use in traditional medicine. This natural supplement has been used as a homeopathic remedy for pains in the muscles and joints because it of its properties as a natural anti-inflammatory. Additionally black cohosh benefits many people with circulatory issues as well as arthritis, rheumatism and high cholesterol. However, recently it has been gaining increased popularity for its ability to lessen or relieve many symptoms of menopause.

Studies conducted in Germany have indicated that this natural herb contains phyto-estrogenic properties which act similar to estrogen in the body. These have been proven to help restore natural hormonal balance. Because of its estrogen mimicking effects some women are choosing to use this herb as a homeopathic alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapies used for the treatment of menopause and other conditions caused by decreased estrogen.

The reason so many women prefer to use natural remedies, such as black cohosh, red clover and niacin to help relieve the symptoms and discomforts of menopause is because they offer very little side effects, compared to the side effects that are associated with hormone therapy treatments.

For menopausal and pre-menopausal women, black cohosh benefits are well documented as being helpful for symptoms such as changes in cycle, mood problems, night sweats, insomnia, vaginal dryness, weight, etc. According to a brief study of less than six months it was determined that this great herb actually does not help to relieve hot flashes, however some women swear by it and researchers are still looking into the possibility.

This unique supplement is not to be confused with blue cohosh or white cohosh as these species have different effects and if used incorrectly can be toxic.

* Please remember that you should always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplements. If you have plant related allergies, a medical condition, or if you are taking other medicines or herbal/health supplements. this natural supplement is not generally recommended for people who have had a reaction to aspirin as they may experience breathing difficulties. Pregnant women should avoid this herb unless they are otherwise advised by their healthcare provider, and they should only use as directed. Black cohosh, like other supplements when consumed in excessive amounts could cause dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting, and tremors and could affect heart rate.

How to Get Rid of Menopausal Symptoms?


Category : Menopause

Among many major and important diseases and physical transitions, menopause is an extremely vital phase in the life of any woman. The transition of body from one phase to another is disturbing for many women. Menopause has over 30 symptoms which are quite irritating for ladies, as the body is in hormonal transition phase.

Mood swings, irregular mood change, tension, irritating behavior, anger and in sever cases hypertension can result in menopause phase. Irregular periods, abnormal bleeding, cramping, clots, low energy, fatigue, loss of productivity, weight gain and sleepless nights are all symptoms of menopause. As the whole body is in transition during this phase, so you need to take special care of yourself.

Mostly women go for an HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to reduce the menopausal symptoms. However it is an effective way of getting rid of menopause, but why to choose a therapy when same can be achieved through proper medication? Now there are many medicines available in the market to get rid of menopausal signs. I suggest going for a proper medication and if somehow it fails, then you should go for an HRT. Among many other type of medicines, Amberen is very famous and effective in helping women in their menopausal phase.
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Amberen is a pure natural medication used to boost the creation of certain hormones in the body, which ultimately cease or prolong the menopause. Amberen is quite useful in reducing the symptoms of menopause. As it is composed of natural ingredients, it has no side effects. Its effectiveness is making Amberen a popular medicine among women.

Amberen provides an absolute solution to all type of menopausal symptoms. Approved and recommended by many doctors and gynecologists, the medicine is quite reliable and very effective in reducing the symptoms of menopause. Amberen also boosts the hormone creation process of the body. It is composed of natural ingredients; hence you will never have any kind of side effects using Amberen.

With numerous advantages and very attractive features, the best feature about Amberen is its free 30 days trial. Yes, you can order Amberen free trial and can use it for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the product, cancel the order within 30 days and your credit card will not be charged. 92.6% of the women who have tried Amberen, bought it. It’s your turn now to get freedom from menopause symptoms and live a peaceful life like before.

Menopause Treatment – What Is Available?


Category : Menopause

There are various remedies available for menopause treatment. Menopause is a time of physical, mental and emotional upheaval. The hormonal changes lead to a long list of symptoms that occur. These are as different as the women experiencing them. These can last for up to 15 years. It is important to be able to handle them and live with them.

The entire process happens in stages. It may begin as early as 35 and last through to early sixties. These are the more extreme ends of the scale and are rare but do occur. Normally the ages are more the late forties to early fifties. Menopause is defined medically as going through one year without a period. Bone health is of real concern in the post phase because it becomes at risk with the decreased hormones.

The process begins when the ovaries stop producing eggs. This is followed by a decrease in the production of progesterone and then estrogen. The hormonal imbalance leads to periods that are lighter or heavier than usual. The frequency may increase of they may be skipped altogether.

The symptoms that can occur will sometimes begin during the first stage. Memory loss, mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats are some of the more common ones. Some others are insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, decreased sexual desire, incontinence and heart palpitations.

Depression is a concern during this time. Up to fifteen percent of women experience some form of it during that time. It is thought that the imbalance in hormone may trigger it. It may also be due to the stress of dealing with other possible symptoms, or facing the fact that giving birth is no longer an option. There are often other life changes happening at that same time, like children leaving home.

There are some natural ways to manage symptoms. The foods that are eaten can help or cause further issues. Eating whole grains, soy, vegetables, fruit, brown rice, almonds and meats grown organically can help alleviate symptoms. Some foods that may further contribute to bone loss are caffeine and carbonated drinks. Exercise is a must as it produces chemicals that will improve immune function, blood circulation and heart rate. It is known to improve depression as well.

There is now biotechnology that is being developed and used to help with estrogen levels. Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicine are used to restore balance to the hormones. Vitamin E and natural progesterone cream are both considered effective in treating hot flashes. Each person can find what works for them using minerals, herbal supplements and vitamins.

Menopause treatment is meant to help a woman get through what is often a very difficult time in life. Since many areas are affected at once, more than one doctor may be needed. The psychological issues need as much attention as the physical ones and should not be ignored. Each woman will experience the process in a different way and no treatment is for everyone.

Menopause and Its Common Symptoms


Category : Menopause

As women reach the menopausal stage they experience many different symptoms. Just like pregnancy and labor, every woman is different. Symptoms vary from bearable to terrible pain and discomforts. A few may experience a number of the symptoms while some may detect only a small change. These discomforts lead most women to find effective menopause relief to alleviate the symptoms. A number of common uncomfortable menopause symptoms are the following:

Hot Flashes – This is actually the chief menopause sign that women experience. Hot flashes are result of hormonal fluctuations and imbalance. It in most cases occurs at night with unexpected attacks which often ends up abruptly. One would in most cases wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet then all of a sudden feel completely cold. It doesn’t last very long and is quite annoying; the reason why women are trying to find menopause relief. Hot flashes likewise occur during the day. This is one thing that majority of the women go through while they get into menopause.

Fatigue – Being overly exhausted is an additional common menopause symptom. This condition is oftentimes related to night sweats, which are just hot flashes which arise at night. Night sweats disrupt the usual sleeping pattern. Night sweats can also cause sleeping disorders.

Mood swings – As the name implies, this is certainly associated with unexpected changes in a woman’s mood. They may find themselves overly sad or very excited with virtually no reason in any way. It could be complicated not only for herself but as well as for the folks near her. Mood swings can also include irritability that can come quickly and at no specific time. Anxiety and depression is also another sign which can be brought by a lot of things for each and every woman. When hormones are changing, it becomes easier to succumb on swift changes in moods.

Other menopause signs include vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence in bladder control and swelling which is a result of retaining water. These symptoms are due to the thinning of vaginal lining and other body parts that surround the vagina. One even becomes more prone to urinary tract and bladder infections. Osteoporosis can also be included among bodily changes of menopausal women. Bone density reduces during the aging process and takes place extremely fast during menopause. Having the lower bone density, tooth loss may also occur.

All women encounters completely different symptoms dependent on their biological make-up, way of living along with health practices. One common thing among them is obtaining a safe and natural menopause relief that might help them take care of the unpleasant warning signs.

Femestra- The Menopause Supplement


Category : Menopause

I am Sally, 42, recently divorced and single. I have been enjoying my time with two grown up kids. I’m posting to share my experience with Femestra the Menopause Supplement.

Last fall, my daughter Ria enrolled for a course in nursing and moved to Utah. My son Ralph and I have been taking care of each other since. Ralph is what one calls ‘the ideal son’. He is responsible, caring and independent. He has been working part time and earning a living since he was 15.

Last winter at dinner one evening Ralph was excited and shared details on his new project. Usually, I would hear him out and offer him my advice but that evening for no reason whatsoever, I blew my top. I shrieked at him and he was very surprised as was I. I’m a calm person and I had no idea what triggered me. The rage was momentary but erratic behavior. That’s not me, I thought! I apologized to Ralph as soon as I regained my composure. I was restless that night thinking about the incident.

My anxiety seemed odd but after other incidents I noticed a pattern. A few days later, the delivery boy from the local pizza place bore the brunt of my obnoxious mood swing. Delivery was delayed by 10 minutes and I was very hard on him.

The guilt of these mood swings and outbursts kept piling on. I started avoiding speaking with friends and some family to avoid my mood swings. I was really hurting inside.

A few days later, I got these hot feelings around my abdomen at night. I woke up and found myself sweating. These hot triggers just came like a flash and then vanished. It was a sleepless night and I kept wondering, what the hell was wrong with me. It was early next morning that I decided to visit my gynecologist considering these events, and that I realized I had missed my period for the month.

After hearing me out, my doctor suggested that it may be pre-menopause. “Already?!” I shouted. She advised me to relax and this natural change will fall into place. After a couple of follow up appointments and blood work, my doctor eventually prescribed pills to alleviate my uneasiness, or as I call it rage! It was comforting to know erratic mood swings and hot flashes are normal during menopause. On the way back home I decided to get the better of menopause.

That night I took the pills and decided to get to bed. Around 1 am I had the hot flashes again. They were momentary but scary. I was sweating profusely and not able to sleep. The next morning at breakfast, I was very edgy and again acting agitated toward my son. After he left for school, I felt like crying. Life seemed like a nightmare and this had started really racking my nerves.

I had to take control of the situation and started to look for alternative remedies and options for menopause. I wasn’t patient waiting for this medicine, and researching the medicine made me uncomfortable with the possible side effects. There were many over the counter solutions available but the web was full of too much information and side effects of the over the counter supplements. I decided to get in touch with my old school friends and seek their advice considering they are my age and probably experiencing the same things.

Paula my friend from high school, and neighbor was suffering similar mood swings and hot flashes. She advised trying Femestra a natural supplement that contains rice bran oil extract and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and try it for at least a month. Paula said she’s been taking Femestra for more than 6 months and results have been really good. I researched Gamma Oryzanol (which is the active ingredient in the rice bran oil) on the web to read about its antioxidant properties and effectiveness in relieving at at times eliminating the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings and loss of sexual desire!

I immediately ordered Femestra and started the daily dose of two pills. For the first few days I did not feel any different, however, after a week I started having fewer hot flashes. I felt happy and continued with it. After two months I felt I had regained my lost composure and the hot flashes were gone. I started getting my regular seven hours of sleep. It just makes sense to go with something natural. My body didn’t change overnight when menopause began, so I knew it would take some time with the right product to get my old self back. Even though it’s natural to go through this change in life, there’s no need to suffer so badly.

Menopause and Vitamin D


Category : Menopause

My wife is experiencing perimenopause. She went to her doctor with many of the symptoms of the menopause process and the doctor ordered a full set of blood tests. It had been quite awhile since she had done blood work, so it was a good time to see what all might be going on.

The blood test was mostly normal. The doctor kept my wife on some of her current medications and changed a couple others. The only real surprise was that the blood work showed a Vitamin D deficiency. We were surprised and puzzled by this diagnosis. I had not heard of it and couldn’t even quite remember what its function is in the body. I knew it had to do with bone growth and maintenance. I knew it came from the sun, but that was it.

I have done my research and found that Vitamin D deficiency is more common than I thought. We usually get our Vitamin D from sunshine, and typically it doesn’t take all that much sun. We can also get it from dairy products or supplements. But the sun is usually all that we need for our supply.

This condition is more common the further north that you live. The obvious reason for this is, that the further north you live, the less direct sunshine your area has during the year. We live in Missouri, which would seem to me to be about average for yearly sunshine. We have a pool and while my wife wears sunscreen sometimes, but she really isn’t very careful about it. So, for her, there wasn’t a clear reason for her deficiency. She may have inherited a condition making her more susceptible. But, it might have something to do with her age, 42, and the fact that she has been going through perimenopause for nearly 10 years.
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Vitamin D deficiency isn’t an urgent condition requiring panic, but it is important to begin taking Vitamin D supplements if you are deficient. The older we get, the more important it is to keep enough Vitamin D in our system to remain in the normal level. This is more important for women than for men.

Our bodies use Vitamin D for bone and muscle growth and maintenance. Since, the older we get the more common bone loss, or Osteoporosis becomes. The danger of this is obvious. With bone loss comes bone brittleness, which makes us more vulnerable to broken bones in a fall.

The extreme version of Vitamin D deficiency in children is called rickets. In adults, it is called Osteomalacia. The symptoms can be noticeable, however they are similar to the symptoms of many of our common ailments or diseases. These warning symptoms include: Muscle Weakness: a feeling of heaviness in the legs; frequent fatigue; chronic bone and joint pain; lethargy, frequent infections, and depression.

These symptoms should prompt you to see your doctor. There could be many causes of one or more of these symptoms and only blood tests from your doctor can show what the cause may be.

In the case of my wife, she takes her Vitamin D supplement and an Iron supplement as recommended from her doctor. She would never have dreamed that she had these deficiencies without the check up.

It may be time for your check up. If so, get it scheduled and talk to your doctor about getting some blood work done also. It is better to find out what you may need to do for your body’s maintenance earlier, rather than later.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms


Category : Menopause

Hormone symptoms in women – menopause.
Women can begin to developing hormone imbalance symptoms as early as their thirties. It is believed that due to the chemicals and hormones in our environment that women are developing hormone imbalance symptoms earlier and earlier. The first stages of a hormone imbalance are called perimenopause. Hormone imbalance symptoms usually begin to show up as irregular periods, loss of the sex drive, gaining weight, loss of hair or growing hair in unwanted places, insomnia and night sweats. As you enter menopause you can have several or just one of the symptoms listed.

Menopause is not considered a disease, but can have you feeling like your life is being turned upside down. Menopause is considered a natural process that all women go through. When hormone symptoms do begin to show up, there are things that can be done to help restore the feeling of well being. It is important for you to know that you are not alone and there is help available.

Some simple things you can do to help minimize the symptoms of menopause are meditation, reducing stress, proper eating habits and diet, exercise, yoga, avoid alcohol and caffeine, and drink lots of water. It is important that women who are experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms take time to relax and unwind. Stress can be one of the biggest factors in contributing to the hormone imbalance symptoms. Leading a balanced life with attention to your physical, psychological and spiritual needs can do wonders for menopausal symptoms as well as your over all well being.

Below is a simple set of questions you can use to see how well you are managing your hormone imbalance symptoms.
1. How many and what symptoms do you have?
2. Do you lead a life full of stress and tension?
3. Do you feel that you push yourself to hard and are out of balance?
4. Are your hormone imbalance symptoms mild or severe?
5. Do you suffer from insomnia?
6. Do you drink alcohol or smoke?
7. Do you have a balanced diet?
8. Do you drink plenty of water?
9. Do you do some form of exercise at least 30 minutes a day?
10. Do you meditate?

The above questions will give you a general idea of how well you are taking care and if you should seek help in managing your hormone imbalance symptoms. Be honest when answering them, you only hurt yourself if you are not.

Hormone imbalance symptoms in men – andropause

There is male menopause and it is called andropause. Men just like women can suffer from hormone symptoms. There are some difference between andropause and menopause. Men begin to suffer from hormone imbalance symptoms when they stop producing the normal levels of testosterone. For men testosterone in the main sex hormone as in women it is estrogen and progesterone. Testosterone tends to be at its highest level when a man is in his late teens and gradual falls off from there. Andropause may not begin to show up till a man reaches his forties or fifties. Below are some of the common symptoms of andropause.

1. Reduction in the sex drive. They may also find it less enjoyable.
2. reduction in vitality, energy.
3. Am increased difficulty in remembering things and concentrating.
4. An increase in irritability, anger, anxiety and depression.
5. An increase in weight while at the same time loosing muscle mass.
6. Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.
7. Bone loss
8. Reduction in their self confidence with an decreased ability to make decisions.
9. Muscle pain, joint pain, night sweats, hot flashes and mood swings.
10. Increased risk of heart disease.
11. Erectile dysfunction

Fear not men, there are ways to combat hormone imbalance symptoms. Just like in women it is important to reduce stress, exercise, eat a proper diet and get plenty of rest. There is also hormone replacement therapy for men when the hormone imbalance symptoms become severe.