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Treatment by Colors


Category : Treatment

Each disease is treated by light – red, blue, yellow, orange, violet. The light is selected in accordance with the disease.

It is not important for you to live in the colors, but in the energies of those colors. One, who wants to transform his life, he must connect to the light itself, to benefit from its energies.

The most beautiful colors can be found in plants. Plants are the greatest art exhibition. They are pages of the great Divine Book.

The external light that we see is a result of the mind activity of the higher beings, who are above us. It comes out of the eyes of these beings. Animals perceive the light, which comes out of us.

The effect of the colors depends on their vibrations. The higher the vibrations of a color are, the better the result is. When you do not feel well, you should know from where this indisposition comes, in which color you are and by which color you can help yourself.

Light manifests by vibrations, but the vibrations themselves are not the light. Thought also manifests through the brain, but the brain does not create the thought.

Humans know only seven colors of light, without being aware of the fact that they are to know 5 more colors. Humans may see only 12 colors of light on Earth.

The more yellow rays there are in the brain, the better one thinks. When the thought is not awake in him, he is deprived of the yellow rays. The first three rays of the seven ones have an impact on the physical life Viagra online Canada Store; the second three rays affect the spiritual life. (Under ‘spiritual life’ it is understood the ability of someone to realize things inside himself as they manifest in the physical life.)

Even before getting ill, one can be healed by the colorful rays. The seven colors represent seven sacred worlds that send by one colorful ray. The seven colors are the solar spectrum. The more intense the color is, the closer the world that sends this color is to us. From the rainbow colors we can guess toward which area we move. Which color is dominant on the Earth? It is the green one. All creatures on Earth are immersed in green. At the same time, we are connected to all planets and suns, as well as to the beings that inhabit them.

Each color has its own purpose, which learned people know. For example, the green color is materialistic, the red is active (it is mainly an animal color), the orange is a color of the extreme individualism. The only colors that correspond to the current development of people are the light blue and the light green ones.

The red color, on its part, is composed of seven colors with different intensity of vibration and different number of vibrations. A person with a well-developed eye may distinguish seven nuances of red and benefit of them reasonably. These nuances are negative and should be turned into positive. They represent a written book that should be unriddled. One, who can distinguish the seven nuances of the red from each other and benefit of each of them in accordance with the relevant qualities, he will feel completely refreshed.