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Dealing With Fertility Problems Through Yoga


Category : Womens Issues

Trying to conceive fills any women with innumerable anxieties and emotional stress, especially if the trying is coupled with fertility treatments or IVF. Increasingly, physicians are endorsing yoga, combined with the medical treatment. This is to help relieve their stresses, and at the same time, boost their chances at conceiving.

A Harvard research shows a greater number of odds, at least three times more, favoring those whose fertility treatments are boosted by yoga done in sync with the treatments”.

What does yoga have to do with priming up the woman’s body to conceive and get pregnant?

Stress is a given negative that a childless couple has to confront and overcome, or at least live with. Stress can disrupt a woman’s regular cycles so as to cause a hindrance to ovulation in women and sperm production and/or motility for the men. Yoga, thus, serves as emotional release, that enables relief of anxiety and stress, presenting more chances of pregnancy.

Regular performance of yoga can:

1) increase the couple’s development towards each other
2) reinforce and intensify their relationship, and
3) grant them the capacity to jointly deal with the pressure of attempting to conceive a baby.

Yoga courses directed at fertility enhancement assist a woman’s capacity to conceive in other ways. There are postures that are concentrated on enhancing the flow of energy in the second chakra, the “seat of creation,” the area where the reproductive organs are located. Other touch up postures help set up the body for procreation. These help relax the abdominal region, eliminating tension from the area of the ovaries,uterus and fallopian tubes. Postures that are done lying down lengthen that area, letting in more blood to course to the organs of reproduction.

Yoga has some postures that are particularly applicable to women after intercourse that will raise her chances to conceive. Among the popular ones is the “Viparita Kirani” where legs are put up the wall. This guarantees the sperm to stay in the best position for fertilization for as long as can be.

Finally, yoga can correct erratic hormonal levels which may be the reason for the infertility. Some yoga postures enhance the operation of the glands, which are the aids to stabilize hormone levels.

There is no one single report that Yoga, by itself, can promote pregnancy. Although consistent performance of fertility-concentrated poses brings down stress and anxieties at conception attempts.

Integrating fertility-directed Yoga with medical therapy does indeed prime up the body and mind to conceiving and raise chances of conceiving that long-awaited baby.

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