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Using a Stocking to Prevent Varicose Veins


Category : Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are abnormal dilation of blood vessels in the cavity behind the pressure caused by back flow of blood that flows in it. This occurs due to two things: first, there is a blockage / emphasis that prevents back flow and the second is when the reverse flow of blood to the heart more than normal in the blood vessels which would free the blockage / emphasis.

Against these two states, the amount of blood flow caused by a cavity that not only blood vessels dilated, but a meandering and branching. Varicose veins often occur in the leg along the thigh to calf and also on the soles. Veins in the leg area located on the surface, and are in the bottom layer of the skin, which causes the shadow as a vague outline of bluish. In circumstances where the leg veins have varicose veins, bluish pictures of blood vessels behind will be very clearly visible, including a picture of the winding or ramify.

Varicose leg occurred not only due to cosmetic skin problems that do not look good leg caused bluish picture of the blood vessels. What’s worse happen if the area where there are varicose veins and leg wound infection occurred, which resulted in the healing process becomes more difficult and very complicated.

Prevention of varicose veins:

1. Reduce the use of high-heels.
Fortunately avoid excessive toehold in the leg needs to be regulated weight and avoiding the use of high-heeled shoes, should not be too long to use and not too often. Extra body weight will make the leg work to be heavier than normal, the performance of the leg muscles become more severe. The result is a back flow of blood from the legs to the heart becomes larger and the pressure will be higher.

The use of high-heeled shoes will add distance to be achieved through the flow of blood and will make some leg muscle will go the extra mile; resulting in back flow of blood pressure compensation will be higher.

2 Rest your leg.
You can regulate the activity of leg and limb position at rest by taking the leg resting on the interval of activity. The trick is to straighten the leg and jammed with one or two pillows at the time was sitting or when lying down to make the flow reverse flow of blood to flow smoothly in normal pressure. In some circumstances, give warm water immersion in the feet and legs will help to expedite the back flow of blood.

3. Always clean and moist
Always maintain hygiene and skin moisture leg to avoid the possibility of injury and infection.

Treatment of varicose veins:

1. Using a stocking.
To use the elastic stockings should wear a special garment in the legs that can provide additional pressure on the veins evenly from your feet to the groin. The form of the special elastic garments is generally such as stockings or pants that are tight.

2. Injection sclerotherapy substances.
This was done on the blood vessels behind (vein) which appears meandering and branching of blood vessels to collapse the cavity behind the (venous).

3. Surgery.
Stripping surgery this off veins (vein) along the leg from the surrounding structures, and then discarded.

4. The combination of these three types of treatment.
Treatment of varicose veins that have occurred by plastic surgeon and gives good results, but, somehow prevent it’s easier and cheaper than cure.