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Several Methods for Pregnancy Prevention


Category : Pregnancy

There are several ways to prevent pregnancy as there are a wide range of contraceptive measures available on the market that help prevent pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. However, contraception like any other medical procedure has advantages as well as disadvantages.

One method of preventing pregnancy such as the calendar month method are based on the theory that the chances of falling pregnant between the 11th and 15th of a woman’s menstrual cycles is minimal.

However, this method of contraception is only effective if the women have a regular 28 day menstrual cycle. In addition such precautions will not protect women from STD infections. Another method of preventing pregnancy is to make use of vaginal washing using a syringe and a solution that kills off the sperm. This method also presents with disadvantages as the washing not only kills the sperm but also the natural micro flora which can result in a series of health problems such as thrush and dysbacteriosis.

Another way to prevent pregnancy is coitus interruptus which means the man will pull out of the vagina just before ejaculating which means avoiding sperm entering the vagina. This is also not a guaranteed method as during intercourse men release a liquid that comprises of around ten to twenty million spermatozoon and the release of this liquid cannot be controlled. This preventative method is anecdotally said to cause men and women to become frigid or impotent.

Other methods used are gels, creams, suppositories and spermicidal devices. These preventative methods are placed directly into the vagina before having sex. The functioning phase of these contraceptive methods last for around ten to twelve hours and are effective in preventing pregnancy. However, these contraceptive methods over time will destroy the natural micro flora of the vagina. These methods are also effective in preventing STD infections and microbes.

One of the most popular methods of preventing pregnancy is the use of condoms which are reliable if correctly used and will guarantee prevention of pregnancy of around ninety to ninety nine percent. However, if condoms are torn or used incorrectly this could result in pregnancy. There are also female condoms which are difficult to use but will prevent pregnancy. In addition another way of how to prevent pregnancy is by making use of a diaphragm. This means is highly effective but does not prevent STD or microbes infections.

The use of contraceptive pills also prevents pregnancy and this method is easy to use. The contraceptive pill is also used to regulate a women’s menstrual cycle, relieves PMS and helps teenagers suffering from acne. However, contraceptive pills can cause side effects such as swollen sore breasts, depression, headaches and do not prevent STD infections.

Hormone injections are another effective way on how to prevent pregnancy which works in the same way as contraceptive pills. Another effective method is to have a intrauterine device inserted which has proved to be ninety nine percent effective although extra uterine pregnancies have been reported. This device can cause erosion as well as infections.

As with anything medical, if you are unsure or have questions, don’t hesitate to see your doctor.

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