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Health and Care: Cheers to your Body


Category : Health Care


The empirical findings and nutritional tools put together by the pioneers of nutrition — Doctors Royal Lee, Melvin Page, Weston Price, Francis Pottenger and Harvey Wiley — have been offered for humanity to thrive. But in order to do so, we must eat better. Cheers to your Body

The foods we eat must be whole, fresh and unprocessed. To continue with a life of poor dietary habits and increased chemical consumption will inevitably lead to decreased vitality and unhealthy children; in short, the degeneration of the human race. We evolved eating certain foods in certain ways. No caveman has ever been known to trim the fat off of his meat — he ate the entire animal. No Alpine villager ate low fat cheese. The Maori fishermen never avoided shellfish for fear of cholesterol. They ate the cholesterol with all the fat. Real and whole foods are packaged how nature intended — containing all the nutrients for optimal assimilation by our bodies. Eating whole foods insures us of the highest value of nutrients our food has to offer. Tampering with them is ill advised.


Life does not have to end the sad way that society, pharmaceutical companies and allopathic medical doctors want us to believe. Life ends when our mission is complete. Life is beautiful and will include years of accumulated wisdom for you to pass onto grandchildren and great-grandchildren. During the later years of our lives, mental acuity can become sharper, the body can remain mobile and our joy can be uncontainable.

We ALL can heal, regenerate and live in wellness. It may appear that you are regaining your youth in the process — do not be alarmed, but embrace the change. The five most important factors for achieving optimum health and vitality or reversing illness and disease are interdependent:

  1. Finding a holistic health care practitioner: The word ‘Doctor’ means ‘Teacher.’ They will be able to guide you to positive lifestyle improvements; a healthy diet is among them. Learn from them as much as you can. Attend their monthly patient lectures.
  2. Equitable Exchange: It costs money to be healthy; it costs more to be sick. The healer you eventually work with has invested time and tuition fees to learn their trade for your benefit. They are often very affordable and will never turn a patient away due to financial constraints. Your life is worth multiples more than the amount you eventually pay them. If you grow vegetables in your organic garden, many will exchange the vegetables of your labor for their services.
  3. Initializing Effort: Undergo a purification program, eat organic and whole foods, exercise, mend relationships and, above all else, enjoy every moment. You must do your part.
  4. Allowing Time: Holistic healers are quite capable of undoing one year of degeneration with one month of serious healing work. Be patient and open to the experience.
  5. Brightening Attitude: Above all, you must believe you can heal. Attitude is everything. Fill places of fear with courage. This is the most important factor of all.


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