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Does Massaging Your Breasts Cause Them To Grow?


Category : Womens Issues

If you are wondering how to increase breast size you could be wondering if it is possible for you to massage your breasts to make them bigger. Natural breast augmentation is something that many women have allowed to slip through their fingers. The main reason that this has happened is because surgical options seem to offer results so much quicker. In this article we are going to talk more about breast massage. We will talk about how this technique can help you grow your breasts.

Breast massage has become pretty popular these days for many different reasons. Getting your breasts massaged or massaging your own breasts is very relaxing. Besides for that it helps to release the toxins in your breasts. Whenever you massage something else happens besides for these things however.

Many times the blood flow in the breasts is not flowing correctly. As you massage your breasts the blood flow will pick up. This will allow all of the vital nutrients to get to your breasts and help them grow healthier and be more attractive. Whenever you massage your breasts you will be promoting the production of the breast growing prolactin too.

This technique has been used by women for many years but sadly it has not been as popular and well known as it should be because of all of the publicity that plastic surgeons and other individuals that work in the cosmetic industry have given to other methods that are not natural and are much more expensive.

Whenever you use massage to make your breasts bigger you will be able to naturally grow breasts that are all your own instead of having to have foreign substances in your body. You will be able to keep yourself healthier and you also will be able to make your breasts bigger without looking fake.

Massaging your breasts can be done in a few different ways. The only “wrong” way that you can do this is by massaging too hard and actually damaging your breast tissue. Breasts are very tender and you need to make sure that you treat them with care.

The best way to do the massage is when you are lying on your back. Make sure that you are in a comfortable place where you can relax. Then you should put one arm over your head and allow the other hand to massage your breasts. Do this in small circular motions. You want to be deliberate but you do not want to hurt yourself.

You can do this about fifteen to thirty minutes per day. This will not cause you to see a very large increase but you will notice that things are different. If you want more serious results there are other natural methods that will allow you to get results quicker. This is a great way to start out however. Make sure that you remember to be gentle whenever you massage your breasts or you could do more harm than good.

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